Franklin Delano Rooselvelt

“When Franklin D. Roosevelt entered his first term as United States President on March 4, 1933, the country was in a state of crisis.  In the Presidents inaugural speech, he reassured the people by telling them they have nothing to fear, but fear it self._x000D_
Around fifteen million Americans were jobless, and banks were becoming indebted.  The United States was without a doubt in a great depression, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was confident in his ability to set things straight._x000D_
From the time he stepped into office, President Roosevelt started making changes.  His first orders were the closure of all banks.  This was in attempt to fix the current disastrous system of banking.  After these orders, more came.  In Franks first 100 days as President, he passed several laws, made several amendments, and gave even more orders.  Everything this president said he would do in his election campaigns he was indeed trying to fulfill._x000D_
The President also set up many organizations which would help strengthen the economy, and put Americans back into work.  These organizations were known as the alphabetical agencies.  The CCC, the NRA, the AAA, the PWA, the TVA were all part of the organizations which the president created.  Basically, if you put together any three random letters it would probably be one of the alphabetical agencies._x000D_
The President slowly began to get the trust of the American people, as it was clear that he was doing something to try to help America to get out of the depression.  The American people eventually became so attached to their president, that they started to sent him personal letters by the thousands regarding their personal issues._x000D_
Franklin Roosevelt had the responsibility of turning his country around and pulling them out of the economic depression which they were in, and within his terms as president he clearly showed that he understood this responsibility and did everything in his power to solve it.  Despit… “