Full Planet Empty Plates

Please provide a thoughtful and succinct answer to each question. Please cite references if you are using information directly from

a source.
*Entire book can be found online: http://www.earth-policy.org/images/uploads/book_images/FullPlanetAllChaps.pdf

1) Lester R. Brown’s book Full Planet Empty Plates he states that “food is the weak link in our modern civilization – just as it was

for civilizations of the past”. Why does he believe that it is the weakest link?
2) Provide the reasons for the rising food insecurity as discussed by Lester R. Brown in the book Full Planet Empty Plates. What are

some of the examples that he provides as proof that it is currently occurring.
3) A trade war is currently brewing in the world economy. The US government is threatening to impose tariffs on certain Chinese

products imported to the United States, and in turn, the Chinese government is threatening to impose counter tariffs on products

imported into their country by the US. Tariffs that the Chinese are considering will be on US wheat, corn, cotton and soybeans.

Based on what you have learned in Brown’s book, what will be the impact of Chinese tariffs on the world politics of food and food

4) What are some of Brown’s suggestions regarding what actions we need to take to address world food security? Do agree or disagree

with his strategies?