The Professional Case Study project will focus on a selected scenario which poses a number
of environmental and/or social sustainability challenges. You will be able to select your case
study scenario during tutorials and will be able to discuss it with other students working on
the same scenario. You will be asked to adopt a particular role within the chosen scenario so
that you can write your report from that standpoint.
Initial Report (Stage 1) requires you to:
•Identify the sustainability challenges posed by your selected scenario
•Consider laws and policies which may present you with challenges and/or
opportunities to act
•Discuss people or organisations you need to consult before deciding on action
•Identify a range of ‘stakeholders’ who have an interest in what you want to do and
explain which ones have more power and influence than others.
•Briefly articulate some preliminary ideas for responses and/or actions you think you
could undertake in your role (your tutor will provide feedback and advice on how to
develop these for the final report).
Your tutor will assess the report and provide feedback on how to produce a strong Final
Report (Stage 2).
Assessment criteria for Initial Report
Criteria Details
Research Articulation of the challenges posed by the scenario
Discussion of relevant laws and policies
Identification of key stakeholders and organisations to consult
Possible suggestions for actions to be undertaken
Structure Well-structured report relevant to research results
Presentation Clear written expression
Evident use of data or information obtained through research
Referencing Correct referencing throughout