Global Health Nursing Action Paper

Purpose:The purpose of this paper is to describe a global health issue affecting a vulnerable population within a community and provide a discussion on a possible community-based nursing project aimed to improve outcomes in the population identified.

Overview: You are a global health nursing leader that has been asked to develop a project to address a health need in a community. Please follow the directions below.
1. Identify a current global health issue affecting a vulnerable population in a local or global community
a. Please choose an issue and proposed solution that is manageable within the scope of nursing.
b. The health issue must be a new issue to the student (i.e. not a subject of previous course’s work) and be approved by the instructor.
2. Please write a 6-8 page paper (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list) following the criteria in the table below.
3. Papers with a similarity index greater than 25% will not be accepted.
Assignment Criteria Description Possible Points
Include an introduction that establishes the purpose of the paper and provides a brief description of each section of the paper. 2.5
Global Health Issue Overview In your own words, provide a thorough overview of a global health issue that has affected a vulnerable population within one community.
• The community should be defined according to geographical location.
• The population should be defined according to demographics ie age, gender, race.
• The description should also include literary or statistical support that the global health problem exists in the community and population identified. 15
Epidemiological Significance In your own words discuss the epidemiological significance of the health issue in the identified population Include the following components:
1. Distribution (frequency, pattern) of health issue
2. Determinants (causes, risk factors) of the health issue in the community andspecified vulnerable population
Include literary support for your discussion 8
Sustainable Development Goals linkage –
( I.E.Goal:Good Health and Well-being) Describe how the Identified health issue is linked to one Sustainable Development Goal. Clearly identify the SDG you are addressing.
Nursing Discipline Linkage Describe how the identified issue is manageable within the scope of nursing. Include literary support for your discussion 5
Project- Identify one community-based, health promotion project nurses could implement to address the heath issue in the population identified. Include literary support for your discussion. In your description, include the proposed project’s mission and vision. 5
Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Results Focus-Time-Bound
See the following link:

Using the SMART framework identify one goal you would like the project to achieve. After you identify the goal address the following SMART components.
Specific :
• In your description identify who will be involved in achieving this goal?
• Identify what you would like to accomplish. Include the requirements and the constraints.
• Describe where the intervention will take place. Provide a deadline for achieving this goal. Include support from the literature
Describe how you will determine the goal has been met. Identify 2 measurements. Include support from the literature for the measurements selected.
Identify the required attitudes, skills, abilities, financial costs required to achieve this goal? Include literary support for your discussion 8
Describe the reason, purpose, or
benefit of accomplishing the goal. Describe the potential impact in the population and community if the goal is met. Include literary support for your discussion 8
Describe the time-frame in which the goal will be met. Describe strategies you will employ to keep the project on target. Include literary support for your discussion
Conclusion Include concluding statements that summarize the paper. Include personal insights gained as a result of completing the assignment. 2.5
APA Style Assignment follows APA 6th ed. format and guidelines for completion. References used are within 5 years 5
Citations Ideas and information from other sources are cited correctly. 10
Writing Mechanics Rules of grammar, spelling, word usage, and punctuation are consistent with formal written work, and page restrictions are met. 5
Total 100


Project Resources
Assessing and Addressing Community Health Needs – Section IV. Developing an Implementation Strategy Link:

SMART Goals:



Helpful links (if this topic is used):