Globalization and the PNW

– Answer the following question in essay form.
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– Minimum length is four pages (about 1000 words); maximum length is six pages (about 1500 words).

Essay Prompt
Using readings, lectures and discussions develop a thesis that explains how the following PNW topics (The fishing industry) & (Farm worker migrations) can be connected to, analyzed, and informed by the concepts presented by Scholte in his chapters on:
Globalization and Commoditization (Chapter 5)
Globalization and State Sovereignty (chapter 6)
Globalization and Social Inequality (Chapter 10).
Please use a minimum of two (2) Scholte Chapters for each of the PNW topics.

1- Globalization: A Critical Introduction by Jan Scholte 2nd Edition.
2- PNWFish (Provided document)
3- MixtecFarmworkers (Provided document)
4- KVIE’s Los Braceros: Strong Arms to Aid the U.S.A.