Gone Away

“There seem to be countless stories, poems, music pieces, and videos about the meaning of life or death. One that came to my mind pretty quickly, was Gone Away, by the Offspring. I think this one probably came before all the others because I had heard it on the radio a couple days before the assignment. When I heard it, I thought about the words in it. The message is clear and simple as well. I like the music group the Offspring because they have had many good songs out in the past few years while I have been growing up._x000D_
The message of the song Gone Away, is that people on earth suffer when they lose a loved one. The singers say, Maybe in another life, I could find you there. Pulled away before your time, I can’t deal it’s so unfair. The person is really suffering and knows they are going to miss the lost loved one. They are hoping that they can see them in another life. They lost them before they were actually expecting to lose them._x000D_
Also, the world is changed for the person that lost the loved one. And it feels, and it feels like heaven’s so far away. And it feels, Yeah it feels like the world has grown cold, now that you’ve gone away. This talks about how the world has changed because they miss the person gone. It seems to them that they are so far away._x000D_
The final verse is very emotional. Leaving flowers on your grave, show that I still care. But black roses and Hail Mary’s, can’t bring back what’s taken from me. I reach to the sky, and call out your name. And if I could trade, I would. This means although the person lost the close person in their life early, they are still going to show that they really do care. It is difficult for this person to move on. They feel like the person has been taken from them. _x000D_
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