Group Analysis of a Project Leadership Challenge


1. Purpose and aimsThis assignment aims at group learning and comprehension, to realise if students understand how to critically analyse challenges that a project leader may meet while running a project. More importantly, students would discuss how the leader may tackle these challenges and what key points they would recommend for similar incidents in future. This assessment helps student understand how to solve project leadership issues in the form of a working groupApple iPhoneThe first-generation iPhone was released in the USA in June 2007 (Australia in July 2008), and provided a new concept in smart phones – by integrating into a single device a mobile phone, touch screen, wifi, various sensors, music player plus synchronisation with the existing Apple music and application sales channels. The project to develop the iPhone commenced in 2004 after a request from the Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who gathered a team of 1000 employees to work on the highly confidential “Project Purple”. The project team included Jonathan Ive, the designer behind the iMac and iPod who was highly influential in seeing the initial design form of the IPhone. Description of assessmentThe Senior Leadership of your organisation is interested in embarking on a similar project, and has asked you to identify specific challenges and possible recommendations before starting.1. What were the key leadership challenges for this project?2. How did the project leaders tackle these challenges during different phases of the project’s lifecycle?3. Based on your analysis of the effectiveness of these actions, what recommendations do you have for future projects with similar challenges?Make sure you target your presentation to an appropriately senior leadership group. Prepare your presentation as a narrated PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, with roughly 5 minutes per student (to a maximum of 25 minutes for the whole presentation). Submit both the video file of your presentation, plus a Word document of your script.list resources in alphabetical order using the APA 6 Referencing Style. More information at: .Please note that this is a group assignment. Each member of a given group will receive the same marks based on their contributions. However, If a member of a group does not contribute to his/her group activities/questions/slides, they will receive Zero.  More instructions for this assignmentAs a group, prepare your PowerPoint slides, and set the slideshow timer to 20 seconds for each slide (see Transitions>Timing in the PowerPoint menu). Each member can then add their own audio voice over to slides. Remember to save the file back to your OneDrive folder once you have added your own narration, so the next student can add their audio to the same file!When everyone has added their contribution and your group is happy with the final presentation, save it as a video file.Note: the LMS has a file size limit of 100MB. Your video files might easily exceed this, so you may need to upload your videos to YouTube (as unlisted video), and then submit the URL of your video.1. ONLY ONE GROUP MEMBER is required to submit on behalf of the group – all group members will receive the same mark.2. Carefully read through the marking rubric (Click Here) for this assessment task, before you start to prepare your presentation.3. Click here for help on how to prepare a video of a narrated PPT presentation, plus tips on how to share files within your group.4. Your final presentation is likely to exceed the maximum file size for submission directly to the LMS, so follow the instructions in Here on how to upload your presentation to an unlisted YouTube channel, then submit the URL of your presentation, together with your script (Word document).Tips and tools for collaborating onlineWorking on a group project online does present some challenges – however, we hope these tools (and tips on how to best use them) will help you.