Group Project Details: “Assessing a Marketing Plan”

Choose a company that has ‘a marketing plan’ for the year 2013. Examine carefully its mission, goals and objectives. Pay also careful attention to the company’s philosophy, orientation, products or product lines and customers. Following this analysis try to address the following:
1. Discuss the factors that have to be considered in a situation analysis of its market and its position in that market. (Build your discussion around factors such as market size, position, competition, product life cycle, distribution channels, and environmental forces)
2. Identify factors to include in developing an index of market attractiveness and an index of competitive position. Create a subjective strategic marketing planning portfolio (market attractiveness vs. competitive position) and place the company in it. Based on this analysis discuss the kind of strategic market objective the company might pursue.
3. Discuss what might be the biggest roadblock preventing the company from achieving its goals and sales objectives. After discussing these goals and objectives explain how they become the key issues in developing a set of tactical marketing.
4. Present a process for developing the next marketing plan for the company that enables openness and creativity while retaining a degree of structure needed to reconcile marketing strategies and performance objectives.
Groups are required to write their analyses and findings in a report format. The reports have to be typed (using Times New Roman 12) and should not exceed twenty double spaced pages, excluding appendices. Your analytics along with any support information should be provided in appendices. All sources used should be fully referenced following the APA (6th Edition) referencing style. Guideline on how to reference using the APA style can be found at:
• APA Referencing Short guide:, and
• APA Referencing Long Guide:
Remember: All sources should be correctly identified – the University enforces strict penalties for plagiarism (up to and including withdrawal from the University).
Each group is also required to make a short presentation of its findings in class.
Note : We choose MERCEDES BENZ .
Assessment criteria
The criteria used to assess your report and presentation will be as follows:
Standard format
1. Title page
2. Table of contents
3. Abstract / Executive Summary
3. Introduction
5. Discussion / Main body
6. Conclusions
7. Recommendations
8. Bibliography
9. Appendix
Use of academic concepts and theories (40%)
• The extent to which academic materials have been incorporated
• Depth of reading and application
• Relevance of the content
Structure and clarity of presentation (20%)
• The logic and rationale for the adopted structure
• The clarity of the points made
• Correct use of referencing style
Quality of reflection, interpretation and evaluation (40%)
• Breadth and depth of issues analysed
• Logical reasoning, analysis and debate
• Quality and depth of appraisal and interpretation of data and academic materials
• Originality and use of initiative