Groupthink theory in the workplace

This is the assignment that was given to us: If you need more information please let me know. Stage
3 focuses on the same topic that you examined in Stages 1 & 2. using a minimum of 12 research
articles from scholarb/ journals and three additional sources. The paper should answer the
following questions: What are the authors’perspectives on this topic? What does looking at the
topic from the perspective of these sources of information help you see about your relationship
that you might not have seen otherwise? What did you learn that is striking. new. contradictory.
etc? This paper should be approximately 15-20 pages in length (double-spaced with one inch
margins), not including an abstract. a cover sheet and reference pages in APA format. Grammatical
and spelling errors will result in a reduction of your grade. How to go about writing the literature
review: 1. Begin with the relationship you chose as your area of interest. 2. Use 12 scholarly. peer-
reviewed journal articles and 3 additional sources that inform you about your relationship (You
cannot* use the text we have for class as one of the additional sources). Any articles from the
Reference List Assignment that were not rejected are valid articles to use for this assignment though
you are not obligated to use them. 3. Write a literature review using your 15 sources.
Literature Review: This literature review should be informed by your 15 sources. Each article should
receive equal attention (as close as possible) in your review. Remember, you are not just
summarizing each article but you are synthesizing them. When synthesizing, talk about your
articles across a few themes. Figure out what your articles have in common. You might consider the
following questions when looking for themes (these are in no way required themes and are not the
only possible themes): Are there contradictory results? Are there common/difierent assumptions?
Maybe your articles are split with their views, i. e.. some say appearance matters. some say it
doesn‘t. and others say it depends on the environment Once you figure out the commonalities, it is
easy to group the articles. introduce one theme. write about the appropriate articles. write a
transition, introduce another theme. write about the appropriate articles. et cetera. Please group
each theme with a header so that it is easy to distinguish which theme is being discussed for each
grouping of articles. 4. Real Life Analysis: Anabrze the relationship you discussed in your
Relationship Paper (Stage 1). How well does your relationship reflect the ideas mentioned in the
scholarly articles? Do the articles help you to understand your relationship? Will the information
help you improve the relationship and/or future relational situations? 5. Conclusion: What
generalizations can you make from reading your articles? What major findings are there? If there
aren‘t any, why not? Are the results what you expected? What needs to be done for future research?
6. Reference Page: List your sources using correct APA citations for references. All sources listed in
the reference page must actually be CITED in the paper. whether it is paraphrased or directly