Growth Regulation Hormone


This paper is basically required to write literature survey report AKA review.
Must research and digest the primary literature.
The topic that has been assigned to me is the GRH Growth Regulation Hormone.
A literature survey or review discusses a sharply focused scientific topic of interest, usually highlighting emerging themes from papers in the recent literature. While there are no hard limits, a reasonable length for the body of a literature survey should be between 3000and 5000 words in length. In addition to the body of the text, your survey should include an abstract (no more than 250 words), no less than 10 and no more than 50 references, and may include figures (no more than three) . Below you’ll find the instructions for how to present your survey . It is also beneficial when confused or uncertain to examine
Your draft should be presented in the order listed below
h.Figure legends
The total word count of the main text should not exceed 8000, nor should it be less than 2500. It should
be formatted for a standard 8.5×11 inch paper (1 inch margins)with 1.5 lines pacing throughout the whole document, and arranged in single column. The manuscript should be formatted using 11 point font (Times New Roman(serif) or Calibri (sans serif)). Unless otherwise noted, the text of the document should be either Left -aligned or Justified. Pages should be numbered (centered in the footer.) If used in the text, gene symbols should be italicized whereas protein products should not be italicized. Nonstandard abbreviations should be defined when first used in the text. The abbreviations of some important biochemical compounds, e.g. ATP, NADH, DNA, and amino acids in proteins, need not b defined. Use of abbreviations should be kept at a minimum. A complete list of acceptable abbreviations is available at
The title should be as short and informative as possible. Titles should occupy no more than two lines of type. The title should convey the conceptual significance of the paper to a broad readership. Please review your title and abstract carefully to make sure they convey your essential points succinctly and clearly. Abbreviations should be avoided (see aboveURLfor acceptable title abbreviations.)The title should be centered at the top of the page
The abstract consists of a single paragraph of fewer than 250 words. (The 250 words do not count
Toward the total word count of the manuscript.) The abstract should clearly convey the significance and substance of the work to a broad readership. In particular, the abstract should contain a brief
Background of the question, a brief description and summary of the significance of the findings of the paper. References should not be cited in the Summary. The abstract should be separated from the author’s name above by two lines and two lines from the introduction below. Moreover the abstract should be left – aligned (or justified. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND U HAVE 20 DAYS AND NOT 10 TO COMPLETE THIS ORDER. SO PLZ TAKE YOUR TIME AND FOLLOW ALL THE GUIDELINES BECAUSE IF WE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES EXACTLY AS LISTED WE GET EXTRA 5 POINTS
The Introduction should be succinct, with no subheadings, and should present the background information necessary to provide a biological context for the results. It should always be less than one page typed. See below for citations.
This section should be divided with subheadings. It is the main body of the text and attempts to present the findings to the reader. Organization of your paper should flow from subsection to subsection. When using subheadings, you should leave a space between the preceding paragraph and the subheading. Subheadings should be simple and bolded.References within the text should be cited by number and numbered consecutively in order of appearance. Your conclusion section can be considered as part of the discussion and should be divided and sub headed using the same criteria
The following style (from JBC) should be used to cite references. Citation in text by number (1, 2, 3, etc.) and not by author, title, and/or date•
Titles should be included in references

Numbered consecutively in the order of appearance

References for journals and books should be in the following styles (examples)
:1.MacDonald, G.M., Steenhuis, J.J., and Barry, B.A. (199
5) A difference Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopic study of chlorophyll oxidation in hydroxylamine
-treated photosystem II. J. Biol. Chem. 270, 8420 8428
2.Sambrook, J., Fritsch, E.F., and Maniatis, T. (1989)Molecular Cloning: A LaboratoryManual,2nd Ed., Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY
3.References appearing as e-pubs should be in the following style : Aphasizheva, I.,Aphasizheva, R., and Simpson, L. (April 1, 2004) RNA editing terminal uridylyl transferees 1: identification of functional domains by mutational analysis.J. Biol.Chem.10.1074/jbc.M401234200
4.Farrell, C. (1992)The Role of SecB during Protein Export in Escherichia coli. Ph.D.thesis, The Johns Hopkins University If there are more than five authors, it is acceptable to use “et al.” after the fifth author. Journal names are abbreviated according to Chemical Abstracts ( you use EndNote, please note that version 6 and later do contain the proper JBC reference style with titles. When using the EndNoteplugin in Microsoft Word, you will have to add the DOI after the journal title manually for all e- pub references (see reference example 3 above)
.You are not required to use EndNote
.An exceptional paper should have between 15 and 30 references.
You should have no more than three figures. For the purposes of this paper, you may capture and
Present figures from other manuscripts as long as they are properly cited.
Your figures should be clear and easy to understand (along with the figure legend.) H and drawn scanned images are acceptable. Each figure should be presented on its own page, proper labeled. Authors are responsible for providing digital art that has been properly sized and cropped. Numbers, letters and symbols used in multi paneled figures must be consistent. A figure should be no wider than 6 inches and no taller than 7inches. If you do not have Photoshop or illustrator or you don’t know how to use Gimp (Photoshoplikfreeware), the easiest thing to do is to use PowerPoint to manipulate an image. Once you make your figure, import it as an image into word. Asking fellow group members for help here is the best thing..
Students in this group are working on the mechanism of growth hormone regulation.
The specific topic being addressed by the members of this group is: Pick one of the physiological roles of GH and describe how GH acts to regulate that function. Be sure to describe the molecular mechanism governing GH activity along the hypothalamic-anterior pituitary-target tissue axis, including feedback loops and modulating hormones. Describe how GH activity results in the production of the somatomedins and how those somatomedins not only regulate GH production but ultimately act on their target tissue. Be sure to include any modulators at all levels of the pathway.
PLEASE follow the guideline listed above.