Gun Control/2nd Amendment rights

Gun Control/2nd Amendment rights
Political issue that impacts the United States and to describe its multiple components:opposing viewpoints, policies already implemented by the government, policies you further propose should be implemented, and civic actions.
The paper must be completed using one of these file types: MS Word or PDF. Minimum 8 pages in length (not including the cover sheet and Works Cited Page).
All characters must be typed in Times New Roman using 12 point font.
All lines must be double-spaced and include one inch margins (top-bottom and left-right).
1. Cover sheet a) Your name b).Research Paper c) Government 2305 d).Date
2. Introductory paragraph
3. Body a. Provide a summary of the issue by also including different viewpoints. Also, how did this issue get on the public agenda? b. What is your position on this issue? c. What policies (laws, regulations, actions) have government officials (elected/non-elected) already implemented to address this issue? Do you agree with the policies? Why or why not? d. What other policies, if any, should be further implemented by the government? e. What actions could you take as a political activist to ensure your voice is heard and that appropriate policies are put into effect?
4. Conclusion paragraph
5. Sources/Works Cited Page: The paper must include a minimum of ten sources and all sources must be documented within your paper using MLA (Modern Language Association) guidelines. Furthermore, the sources must be fully documented on a “Works Cited Page” and the following sources are prohibited for use in this paper: a. Wikipedia b. Class textbook c. The use of the same source (Example: more than once.