Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transit

Administrative Law – Reed E. Young
Term Project Assignment
Referring to the list of term projects topics posted in Laulima by the
instructor, select one area of government regulation to analyze. Be sure to
include EACH of the elements listed below in your analysis.
This paper should be typed, double-spaced and prepared using and APA 6th
edition reference style. In order to explore the area of regulation in adequate
length, the total paper length should be about 10-15 pages (which includes a
table of contents, bibliography and any tables, figures or illustrations).
A Power Point Presentation should be completed that highlights the
important facts of the topic.
Generic Outline
1. History of the need for government regulation in this area. What
events took place that caused government to react or become
2. Give a brief summary of the major laws that have been enacted which
define the scope of government regulation in this area?
3. Identify and discuss the major regulatory organization, which has the
primary power to regulate this area. What are their enforcement tools
or remedies? Explain when this agency was created, its formal
structure, the number of employees, its budget, etc. Think of this as a
kind of organizational profile.
4. Give a critical evaluation of the performance/effectiveness of this
organization. (e.g. over-vs.-under regulation, possibility of interest
group infiltration, “capturing” or undue influence, etc.) Vulnerability
to political pressure from the Chief Executive & legislature,
effectiveness of rulemaking or adjudication by citing one or more
5. Discuss any recent controversies in this area of regulation. What are
the causes? Probable outcomes? Impact on society?
6. Can you suggest any future reforms for the way government should
regulate in this area? (Including deregulation, increased regulation,
Administrative Law – List of Term Project Topics
1. Airline Regulation/deregulation (CAB/FAA)
2. Regulation of securities and financial markets (SEC)
3. Consumer protection and the FDA
4. Consumer protection and the FTC
5. Antitrust regulation: FTC and the U.S. Dept. of Justice
6. Protection of the environment, EPA and Federal regulation. State and local
regulation of the environment. Air pollution, solid waste and toxic waste disposal,
water pollution, noise pollution.
7. Conservation of natural resources and the U.S. Dept. of the Interior
8. Hawaii state regulation and the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources
9. Regulation/non-regulation of health care and medicine
a. State involvement in regulation of health care: licensing of professionals,
licensing of hospitals and medical school. Influence of the AMA over the
regulatory process
b. The federal role in regulation of health care: Medicaid, Medicare, DRG’s,
health planning
c. Toward national health insurance?
10. Regulation of communications and the FCC
11. Regulation of nuclear energy and the NRC
12. Regulation of Defense Department contracts
13. Regulation of copyrights and patents by the Federal Government
14. Regulation of the Social Security System
15. Federal farm policy and regulation of agriculture, functions of the Hawaii state
Dept of Agriculture
16. The DVA and the regulation of the veterans’ benefit system
17. Regulation and enforcement of federal tax policy
18. Regulation and enforcement of state tax policy
19. Regulation of job discrimination and affirmative action
20. The federal role in regulation occupational safety and health: OSHA. State
coordination and cooperation with OSHA
21. Comparative look at government regulation in another nation or political system
22. Nationalization and laissez-faire as alternative to government regulation
23. The role of OMB and GAO in overseeing government regulation
24. Regulation of banking financial institutions. The S&L debacle – Regan’s
deregulation of the S&L’s, what went wrong? What should be done now?
25. Regulation of social service programs in Hawaii: State Dept. of Social Services
and Housing
26. Consumer protection and the FDA
27. Administration of the Social Security Program
28. Regulation of state contracts: Non-bid contracts and the politics of the regulatory
process is a one-party state.
29. Legalization of: same sex marriage, gambling, prostitution, Medical marijuana
30. CPS and Regulation of Child Safety in Hawaii
31. Regulation of Stem Cell Research
32. The TSA and Regulation of Airline Security
33. The FAA and Regulation of Airline Safety
34. Regulation of Workplace Discrimination and the EEOC
35. Regulation of Workplace Discrimination & the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission
36. HART –Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transit.