. HBS Case Study on Societe Distribuidora De Petroleo (SAT)


three-page report (and an appendix not exceeding 2 pages) and
Specifications (adapted from Harington, Dryden Press, 1993):
1. Case Background and Statement of the Problem
In only a paragraph or so, give the context of the case, the timing of the case and explain concisely the central problem(s).
2. Analysis
This is the ‘heart’ of the case, and it should constitute half or more of your total write-up. It should contain a detailed examination of all relevant data, a description of your analytical approach(es) (i.e., what tools did you use?), and a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the approach(es). The analysis should provide a solution to the main problem(s) identified earlier.
3. Alternative Courses of Action
Elaborate on the courses of action available to the decision maker. Be creative, but be realistic. Consider complications which could possibly be introduced by intangible, ‘human factors.’
4. Recommendation(s)
Take a definite stand: from among the alternatives you proposed, recommend a specific course of action for the decision maker, and make sure that your position is well-defended.