Health care quality

Many management practices in health service organisations have been. imported from the corporate world. Many of the approaches used in quality management, for example continuous quality. improvement, quality assurance, LEAN thinking and Six Sigma have been adapted from a manufacturing environment. It may be. argued that health services are different. Discuss.
The essay-You need to write about the health care in Australia and you need to answer this question
Is health care is unique / different in Australia?
You need to include in the assignment
1 The quality insurance of the health care(QI)
2 Continues quality improvement (CQI)
3 6 sigma
4 LEAN thinking
5 the essay need to be complex
The instructions of the essay
1- The introduction (1 page)
2- The main body ( 9 pages)
3- the conclusion (1 page)
You need to include in introduction
What is the health care ?
Why is health care unique/different?
The main body need to have subheadings and have to include
1 -Human factors Like ( cultural differences, religions, educational people )
2 – Cultural health care like( policies, agency population, procedures in hospital are they followed or not , evidence base, workforce issues, plan policy’s)
3 – Affordability ( consumers, providers, government)
4- Political influence
5- accessibility
And ect
Summary with recommendations
APA 6th Ed reference style