Health Economic Video Discussion

The purpose of this activity is to provide the student with an opportunity to use technology to supplement the traditional classroom discussion. Viewing videos has the potential of enhancing the content discussed in textbook as well as class discussions.

Students are expected to:
1. Watch healthcare documentary (41mins):see link below
Breakdown: America’s Health Insurance Crisis
2. Write a 1-2-page paper to discuss what was learned about health care cost and its impact on American people. Write the paper from a healthcare economist point of view.
(APA,6th ed., Title, Abstract, Body and Conclusion; double space).
3. Use references to support your comments and what was highlighted in the documentary
4. Post comments on the Blackboard Discussion.
5. Enter a comment on one other student’s posting

This assignment is worth 12 points. The following is the criteria used to determine grade:
1. Addressed all points specified in the instruction 2 points
2. Used references to support comments 2 points
3. Essay demonstrated understanding of material 6 points
4. Comment on another student’s posting 2 points