Health Policy News

Monitor current issues regarding healthcare policy.

Action Items
Review current health policy news at the U.S. Health Policy Gateway. Refer to the news feed on the right of the page and select articles from any of the three following feeds:
All Kaiser Health News
The Health Policy Skeptic
Health – Google News

Choose two articles from any of the three feeds. Write a 350-word synopsis of each article that addresses the items listed below. (You must provide appropriate APA citation and reference for each article. Failure to properly cite and reference may result in a charge of plagiarism):

Who are the key players?
What is the central issue?
When did the issue arise? Is it a new issue or an ongoing one?
Where did the issue occur?
How does the issue affect any or all of the following groups:
Suppliers of health policy
Demanders of health policy
Purchasers of health policy
Communities and individuals