Health Promotion, Wellness or Disease Prevention

Article Review
The Role of Health Promotion, Wellness and Disease Prevention have been key trends in the past 3 decades. Conduct a recent (one year or less) search of a publication/article that addresses one of the key concepts of Health Promotion, Wellness or Disease Prevention. Summarize the article in 2-3 pages (Refer to “Article Review” in the “Explanation of Each Grade Component” section.)
Guide to writing “Article Review” for this Course
Article Review: The article review required in HCM 101 is designed to provide an opportunity for the participant to read a single writing on a current topic relevant to the U.S. Health Care System. The participant demonstrates understanding of the article by writing a two-three page paper that first summarizes what the article’s author(s) communicate and then presents the participant’s opinion and/or review of the published report. Article reviews will be posted to the discussion board and should include the website the article was retrieved from.

1. Article should be from a recent (1 year or less)peer reviewed or reputable publication.
2. Article should be posted to the module and include website.
3. Synthesize and summarize the article
4. Relate the article to course concepts
5. Give an opinion: Do you agree with the author? Why or why not?


Article Review Rubric Points
Synthesize and summarize article 30
Relate article to course concepts 20
Give an opinion, Do you agree with the author? Why or why not? 20
Spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation, sentence structure 10
APA 6 style 10
2-3pages, content relevant to subject presented 10
Total 100