Healthcare Reform

The purpose of this assignment is to assist the student to explore options for communication that will reach a large audience and use strategies which are persuasive in engaging others to take action.   As nursing leaders, you will be expected to take part in activities beyond your usual settings in order to enact change.  You may be asked to testify at an open legislative hearing, help develop a public service announcement, or write a letter to the editor of a major newspaper.

Choose a topic of interest that you feel requires a policy resolution.  You will need to identify the problem, provide information about the severity and scope of the problem, and make recommendations for how the policymaker should act to address the problem.  Utilize the strength of your (potential) position as an FNP, CNL, or Nurse Educator to drive home the point that you know about the problem and have the credibility to propose how it needs to be addressed.  The method of communication may include one of the following, but other options will be considered, upon written approval by the faculty:

  1. Provide live testimony to the state legislature—record your testimony on video and submit the video digitally on CD-rom or thumb-drive.
  2. Write a letter to the editor for a major newspaper—the letter should be 250-500 words and reflect previous articles published by that newspaper in relation to the topic. Include the name of the newspaper in the final paper.
  3. Write a full-page advertisement for a professional journal. Use publication software to make the advertisement seem professional and eye-catching, as well as persuasive. Submit the advertisement in hard copy; also include the name of the journal on a separate piece of paper with a brief abstract of the issue, including the problem (severity, scope, proposed solution) and how your advertisement is designed to encourage the policymaker to act to address the problem.

Criteria and Evaluation: (project will be presented in class with brief synopsis other document submitted for grade)

  1. Statement or presentation of the problem and rationale related to severity and scope (20%)
  2. Ability to persuade the observer/reader due to the strength of the argument related to your credibility and knowledge of the topic and problem (20%)
  3. Description and analysis of related literature (including research literature) in enhancing your important points (20%)
  4. Discussion/presentation of the suggested change and rationale (25%)
  5. Creativity and appropriateness of chosen medium and method in making the important points (15%)