“Hello Bones” By Robert DeMaria Analysis Essay

Poetry Analysis Essay Homework Assignment
Following the guidelines you have been given in class, compose a multi-paragraph analytical essay in
which you address, among other things, who the speaker of the poem is, whether anyone can speak to
his or her bones, and whether the point of view is effective. Also, address what you think the theme of
the poem might be and whether the poem is a fantasy. Be sure to take advantage of the information
provided in the handouts posted on Hawkes Learning, including the TPCASTT. You may also want to visit
the following websites for additional help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuKGaYdMhBA and
https://montclair.instructure.com/courses/53503/files/2254944/download?wrap=1. Please note that
your final draft must conform to MLA 8th edition documentation style. In class, you will be told the due
date. No analysis of the poem is available online or elsewhere.
Hello Bones
By Robert DeMaria
Hello Bones!
I hear you rattling down there
Inside my fat flesh.
Just do your job and shut up.
I don’t have to be constantly reminded
That you support me,
That your joints ache,
That you marrow is overworked.
Don’t talk to me about early retirement.
What the hell do you think I am, anyhow,
A federal penitentiary?
I am only human. I need you.
Where would I be without you?
I’d fall apart.
I’d collapse like an empty coat
Dropped in a heap on the floor.
And then what?
Then what?
Source: DeMaria, Robert. “Hello Bones.” The College Handbook of Creative Writing.” 4th ed.,
Wadsworth Cengage Learning, 2014, p. 110.