Write on any one of the following 3 options. Try not use too many quotations from the book. You are encouraged to do additional research for answering the question.

You are welcome to use images or maps and attach them to your response.

1. Briefly describe the steps taken by United Fruit to make banana “the fruit of the people” and keep the price of a tropical fruit lower than the home-grown apple.

2. “Arbenz knew what had happened to him, but never understood why. He’d only wanted the land banana companies weren’t using. Why had they objected so violently?” (154) Trace the career of Jacobo Arbenz and why was he so severely punished for what seemed like a fairly reasonable demand.

3. In 1935 the Esquire magazine first used the term “Banana Republic”. What is meant by it? How did the Columbia Massacre eventually lead to the creation of this term.?

One of the sources must be the book: Dan Koeppel- Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World