write a 8-9 page academic paper regarding George W. Bush.

Prior to becoming the 43rd president of the United States, George W. Bush played a significant part in Texas history. From his

educational upbringing in Texas to co-ownership of the Texas Rangers to eventually his position to governor of Texas, George W. Bush

and Texas have a relationship that’s worth examining. The goal is to first illustrate Bush’s life in Texas, and then show its

significance to the state. It’s undeniable that Texas history includes George W. Bush.

The catch is that it needs to have 3 primary and 5 secondary sources. And it needs to originate from the secondary sources. After

you become comfortable with the secondary literature, you can figure out where there is room to pursue an original line of thought

on the study. Then you can conduct primary source research, which will help you craft your unique take on the subject.