The Word limit is 2000 words; Including a 200 word Annotated Bibliography. The aim of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to conduct research on a question of historical importance. Objectives: This assignment assesses the following objectives: . recognise, define, and use the essential terminology of socio- historical analysis in a global context. . discuss, briefly, the main events, places and people in the development of world history in the defined period. . describe the broad parameters of the major empires and states in the defined period. . demonstrate competency in writing skills, bibliography and documentation in the History discipline. The question i am answering is: Examine the nature of Ottoman power in the post- 1500 period. Why did the Ottoman Empire fail to remain a world power?. I also need Integration of at least 8 Scholarly Secondary peer viewed journals, books, articles from between 203- 2017. No internet sources please!. As i am an Australian student, I would like Ebscohost Scholarly sources included in the 8 sources/references please. i have asked for 8 sources/references in my order. Could you please make the total number of words; as mentioned above; to be either 50 words over or 50 words under; it’s just because i would love to get the best possible marks!, If i go to far under or over the word limit i will be penalised; and therefore lose valuable marks. For four of my listed sources, i must provide a short (50- 100 word) Annotation describing my source and assessing its usefulness and relevance for writing my essay.