Hollywood Glam trend

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Learning Outcomes:LO1 Identify key developments within the history of fashion from 1910 to present day including the main trends, cultural movements, innovations in textiles and materials from a fashion historical perspective.LO3 Understand, assess and evaluate the various methods of Forecasting in Fashion.LO5 Present the results of research in an appropriately written and illustrated format, which conforms to the Harvard Method Guidelines for Academic Presentation.GUIDELINES:In this individual 2,000-word essay students are expected to address the areas indicated in the essay question in a coherent manner thus demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the dynamics underpinning trend forecasting and their application to a given historical, social and economic context.Essay question:“ Analyse the relationship established between a trend and the economic, cultural and technological context of a decade of the 20th or 21st century of your choice. Your analysis should define the trend, explain its emergence and development, position it within the wider context of the fashion world and outline its impact on the fashion industry.”The essay must be written in full adherence to the guidelines of the Harvard referencing system. Students are expected to refer to a range of academically valid sources to support and validate their argument.Split the bibliography into 2 sections: publications and visuals (references for your images).PRESENTATION REQUIREMENTSYour essay must:Use Arial or Calibri font in size 11 – same for headings, same for cover page.1.5 spacing between the linesCover pageIstituto MarangoniManchester Metropolitan UniversityTitleSmith, MaryMMU numberFB1224 May 20172,009 wordsSTRUCTURE OF THE ESSAYYour essay must include ALL the following parts. Each part must be identified with its heading, in bold.- Introduction- Contexts- Development- Conclusion- BibliographyIntroduction:- It should be short (between 3 to 5 sentences).- Should contain:- A short explanation of the trend and period- A short description of what the essay will cover and how – you must NOT use the “I” form.Usually, you write your introduction once you have finished your research.Contexts:- 7 – 10 sentences should be enough.- Describe the different contexts of the period (political, economical, social, and cultural)- This section should be referenced from books.DevelopmentThis is the body of your work.This section must be referenced from publications.Conclusion:Summarize what you have discussed (3 to 5 sentences).You must NOT add any new information in this section.Bibliography:List only the sources you have used to write your text, in alphabetical order. Use Harvard Referencing System.GENERAL INFORMATION:Images:You can include images in your text. Each image should have a number (Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc) and has to be identified. Under each image:Fig.1 John Galliano for Dior, Autumn Winter 1998.The reference (where you found the image) must appear only in the bibliography.Referencing:No quotes (whole sentences from books) are allowed in this essay.*If you need to borrow an author’s idea or information, you should paraphrase and reference accordingly, using Harvard Referencing System.Paragraphs:It is extremely important that you divide your text into paragraphs – every 100 words or so, make sure to create a paragraph by inserting a double space.Level of English:- Make sure to run a UK Spelling Check before you hand your essay in.- Use the UK terminology for fashion: trousers (for pants), bespoke (for custom made), jumper (forsweater), trainers (sneakers), Autumn-Winter (for Fall-Winter).Essay PlanNow till nowIntroduction:- A short explanation of the Hollywood glamour trend and 1935– 1945 period-Explain where you see it as a trend, Holly examples ( Estelle Taylor )Contexts:Explaining its emergence and developmentDescribe the designHistory- Describe the different contexts of the period (political, economical, social, and cultural)Contexts:1935: Alliance Germany, Italy, Japan. Sanctions1936: Popular Front. General Strike. New MarketsCivil War in Spain1938: Pre-War Measures1939: International Exhibition New YorkSeptember Invasion of PolandWar and Impact on French FashionFashion Industry in the 1930s:Protectionist Law:- Tariff on French fashion exportations to US- Toile instead of finished garmentFirst press release + collectionsSilhouettes, Characteristics of Dress, LingerieWW2: 1940 – 1945Contexts: June 1940: German occupation of ParisDecember 1941: USA declare War on JapanItaly and Germany declare War on USAJune 1944: D-day8 May 1945: Paris is liberated by the alliesGermany surrenders to Western Allies2 September 1945: Japan surrenders – End of WarDevelopment of Hollywood trend:*FOCUS ON* ->1940’s Hollywood glamMove on to current day…*FOCUS ON* ->2017’s Hollywood glam trendDesigners, Context in fashion worldImpact on industry nowSocial context implication celebrities?Conclusion:*Sum up on trend now