How a Rotation at Food and Drug Administration Agency would Facilitate Achievement of Your Career Goals

One-page paper focusing on how a rotation at FDA would facilitate achievement of your career goals
rotations is like a pharmacy internship during the fourth year of pharmacy school. I am currently a third year pharmacy student at Texas southern University. we are required to do a rotation during the fourth year. so im planing to do a rotation with the food and drug administration agency. my main goal in life is to discover new drugs and to do this i want to gain an experience on the process of how a new drug is approved in the united states.. and working with the FDA is an opportunity to witness the process at first hand. i also want to learn about the FDA’s multidisciplinary processes for addressing public health issues involving drugs, biologics, and medical devices. I am interested in addressing certain public health and want to gain an experience on how FDA exercise theirs. Pharmacy students who participate in the FDA Pharmacy Student Experiential Program acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities beneficial to their professional career. I currently work in an ocular research lab where we are currently investigating the use of L-cysteine in treating glaucoma. i would attach my resume to help you further personalize my essay.