HSPI Proposal for FFA


The sport organization that I want to do the proposal on is Football Federation Australia (FFA).
Assignment details:
Proposal for Sports High Performance Sport Institute (HPSI) words
2000 – 3000
This assessment requires students to prepare a professional proposal for a High Performance Sport Institute. You need to choose a sport organisation. The assessment can be completed either individually or in a pair.
Given the scope of this assessment and the fact that the three components are interrelated it is imperative that it is worked on continuously throughout the early part of semester. You are encouraged, although it is not a mandatory requirement, to engage where possible with industry i.e. if you have a pre – existing relationship with a sport organisation which requires a HPSI proposal then this is an opportunity to get some practical ‘real world’ experience and develop a Sports High Performance Sport Institute (HPSI) proposal on their behalf. For those of you who don’t have a link to such an opportunity it are imperative that you are fully conversant with the profile of the sports organisation for which you are preparing the proposal.
SECTION 1.1 HPSI Contextual background
This initial assessment will see you develop a Proposal as a precursor for Assessment 1.2. This will be in the form of a report, and within the proposal will be a profile of the sporting organisation for which you are developing a HPSI proposal.
Section 1.1 requirements are: – (500 words)
1. Introduction – Include details regarding sporting organisation profile (when established, high performance plan, talent and identification plan etc)
2. Vision/Mission of HPSI
SECTION 1.2 Proposal (1500 words)
For this assessment you are required to compile a HPSI proposal. The proposal you develop will need to be well balanced and achievable for the sporting organisation. Although there is no set structure for this part of assessment your proposal should be reflective of the sporting organisation and its ambitions.
You need to clearly identify the purpose of your proposal. Are you bidding for funding from a Government Agency such as the ASC for the HPSI or presenting a case to the Board of a sporting organisation?
SECTION 1.3 Operational Plan (1000 words)
This assessment is an extension to Assessment 1.2 whereby you will be required to provide evidence of how your proposal will be achieved. Considerations for this assessment include: –
? Management requirements are identified and documented for the sport organisation. These requirements include – finance, personnel, resources.
? Resource requirements are identified and documented for coaching, facilities, team management, athlete management. Develop a job description for the High Performance Manager.
? The proposal documents action plans and high performance targets. ? Processes are developed and documented for review and evaluation of the plan and
achievement of high performance targets
? Gantt chart indicating key elements in HPSI proposal.