Your choice of organisation is highly relevant and strongly justified. It is also pertinent to your choice of topics. You show strong evidence of extensive reading and your discussion is critical as well as insightful. Your use of grammar, spelling and punctuation is of a high standard.
The Topic: Your proposal of your written report on the following:
Choose one or two of the topics below and apply these to an organisation of your choice:
•SHRM theoretical models (you can be selective)
•The delivery of HRM within the organisation and the role of line managers in delivery of HR
•HRM practices of employee involvement and employee engagement
In your written proposal of 1,000 words should cover the following:
•A short description of your organisation and reason for your choice
•An explanation why your choice of topics is of relevance and interest to your organisation choice
•A literature review of the key central themes related to your choice of topic(s)
You may wish to discuss your organisational choice before your start working on this assignment. You will be using the same organisation for your second assignment so your choice of organisation is important.