Human Resources Development

You will write a case study – a scenario of a situation your participants may encounter in the workplace or school. Your case study should include follow-up questions for the audience to consider. Be sure to refere to Chapter 5. Case stuides are problems that need to be solved and they consist of a who, where, when and what.

Writing at Case study:

Choose the situation on which to write – Present a problem and give a background
Gather as much information as possible about the situation – Be sure to inform the reader of Who, What, When, Where, How and Why
Analyze all of the elements surrounding the situation – Provide the reader with as much information as possible
Determine the final solution implemented – You may or may not HAVE TO PROVIDE A SOLUTION, but rather allow the reader to come up with one or alternatives
Gather information about why the solution worked or did not work – ALWAY FOLLW UP THE THE CASE WITH AT LEAST 3 QUESTIONS FOR THE READER!
Who is this happening to?

What is happening?

How did it happen?

Why is this happening?

When did this happen?

Where is this happening?

-no sources please .