Human Resources Management (HRM)

Learning outcomes:
1 Understand key contemporary labour market trends and their significance for different kinds of
organisation and in different country contexts.
2 Be able to undertake core talent planning activities.
3 Know how to contribute to the development of resourcing strategies.
4 Be able to manage recruitment and selection activities effectively and within the expectations of the law
and good practice.
5 Understand how to maximise employee retention.
Know how to manage dismissal, redundancy and retirement effectively and lawfully.
Assessment brief/activity
In consultation with your tutor you are required to select three out of the six questions/tasks below and
provide written answers to each on selected.
1. Write a short briefing paper for your Chief Executive Officer assessing the current and likely future
features of the state of the labour market. The CEO is particularly interested to know whether conditions
in the labour market are likely to tighten or loosen in the future and what must be done to ensure future
skills needs are met.
2. You are asked to distinguish between the following HR activities:
•workforce planning
•succession planning
•career development planning
Briefly define each of the three terms, clearly explaining how each activity differs from the others and then
explain, using examples, how each could be relevant when an organisation is anticipating the need to
downsize over the coming three years.
3. Your manager reads an article in which the term ’employer of choice’ is used. She is keen that your
organisation seeks to achieve employer-of-choice status. You are asked to explain what the major
advantages would be and what needs to be done in order to achieve this objective. Your answer should
make reference to organisations that have positioned themselves as employers of choice.
4. You are asked to set out what constitutes ‘best practice’ in the field of recruitment and selection. Explain
what set of approaches organisations should use in order to maximise the chances that they end up
employing the best qualified and most effective employees? Justify your answer.
5. Staff turnover in your organisation is higher than it could be and you have been asked to set out a
business case for investing some resources in reducing staff turnover and to identify and explain which
measures aimed at improving employee retention would be most appropriate to adopt and why.
6. Your organisation is undertaking a review of the effectiveness and lawfulness of its current approach to
the management of dismissals, redundancies and retirements. You have been asked to identify and
provide guidance on the main legal requirements and good practice in this area.
Evidence to be produced
Answers any three of the questions/tasks above, using no more than 1000 words per question together with a
list of cited References and a separate Bibliography of sources consulted but not specifically mentioned in
preparing each answer (but these should be excluded from the word count).