Hypotheses and Test Statistics


Your goal for this lab is to accomplish the following:• Learn how to set null and research hypotheses.• Learn how to choose a test statistic.• Learn how to interpret results from hypothesis test.• Complete and submit the lab.Submit answers to the following questions:• Time to Practice, Question 3, p. 192 (Please make sure you understand the responses and do not just copy answers from the textbook.)• A criminologist rode along with patrol officers for several weeks and recorded the number of minutes they spent interviewing witnesses at a variety of crime scenes. The criminologist collected data on the number of minutes that male and female officers spent interviewing witnesses in order to examine if there are differences between men and women. o What is the null and research hypothesis?o If the results of the hypothesis test are t = 2.13, df = 8, and p > 0.05, how would you interpret this hypothesis test?