I want to admit to a business school.

I do not know what do you need so I just answered some basic application essay questions from my English teacher.
1. Name 3 specific accomplishments of which you are most pround.
? Karate award (medals), violin player, help family business.
2. What has motivated you in your life?
? I want to graduate from business school to help my parents with their business.
3. What obstacles or setbacks have challenged you most in your life and in your academic work?
? I have faced many difficulties in the English 102 class. It was quite difficult to me because research paper is new to me and I have to tried a lot in that class. I think I chose wrong topic because I decided to write about Seattle to explore more about this new city, however the problem is I have just lived in Seattle for few quarters so I did not know everything about it that’s why even I tried hard to find out as much as possible I could. As a result, I receive only 2.6 for this class.
4. If you have overcome these challenges, how did you do it?
? I have try to improve my my research skill to do the research paper better. I have learned to write and as a result I have some good research papers after that in other class.
5. What interests you about the area(s) of study you have chosen?
? I like to manage people and money. It is a big challenge to survive in a market and I want to overcome it. My goal is to sucess in business.
6. Which courses have enlightned you or excited you the most? What did you gain from these classes?
? Economics and statics class because I can earn alot of business knowledge from it.
7. What academic and career goals will you achive in the next decade?
? After finishing BA degree, I will finish MBA and then expand my family business and through the knowledge that I gain from universities.
8. How will you use your education in your field?
? Management is a very important part of my parents business. I want to be an expert in control the work of a company, as well as manage employees to maximize profit for our company.
9. In what way do you see your career changing over next decade?
? Work to gain experience, help parents with their business and then start own business.
10. Why do you seek admission to this particular institution? If admitted, how will your presence enhance the campus community?
? This is a good business school.