IMC Tools and Evaluations


Case Study:
Please note that this case study requires you to conduct secondary research to gain a better understanding of the campaign and the company Dick Smith Foods.

Q1. Whom do you think are the target audience of this new campaign by Dick Smith Foods?
Q2. Please critique on the positioning, media and creative strategies of this new campaign by Dick Smith Food.
Q3. Given a choice, do you believe Australian shoppers really care about origin and supporting Australian companies, or are it just about the quality/price trade-off. How would you position a Government campaign to encourage a greater focus for shoppers to buy Australian made products from Australian owned companies?

1. Read the cases carefully and thoroughly
2. Investigate and analyse the situation described in the cases
– Do extra research for more information whenever needed
– Apply relevant marketing and/or IMC theories to the analysis
3. Report your answers to all the questions attached to each case

Assessment Criteria:
1. Thorough understanding of the cases
2. Questions fully answered
3. Original and critical thinking in case analysis
4. Application of relevant theories
5. Logical and convincing arguments
6. Clear presentation
– Reports well written without errors in spelling, grammas, punctuation, etc.
– Proper referencing manner (follow Harvard Style in referencing)
– Any content beyond the page limit will NOT be read nor assessed