Impact of environmental sustainability of Rooms Department on 5 star hotel reputation. A case study of The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong

This an graduation dissertation which need to be academic. The most important part of this dissertation is the “literature Review”
which need to be very detail with support of related theories or models. It should be around 6000-7000 words of the whole
dissertation. For literature review should be clearly and well structured in below:
1. Rationale (Purpose of the paragraph)
2. Problem statement
3. Significance
4. Background (Before each paragraph start, it need to mention about the context – which department (it will be Rooms department then along with the concepts which can be theory or sustainability models) You take theory of “Triple Bottom Line” and “Corporate social
responsibility”. You have to add 2 more theories or models.
In general, structure need to be very clear and well organised. Referencing should definitely in right form of Harvard Reference
(should not be with any problems and avoid using website as references). The need of the issues addressed in relation to the study and connect consistently to the aim relatively.
Overall structure of the dissertation should be strictly follow “Dissertation Structure” in the module handbook.
If you have any graph has to put in the dissertation, please put in the appendix part.
As this dissertation is a case study of hotel in Shanghai, consent letter will be send by myself and I will let you know later on for
the feedback. I would like to have a draft once a week, in order to discuss with the tutor. If you have any problems while you are
writing, please contact me immediately.