Impact of Health Information Technology

Impact of Health Information Technology on Quality, Efficiency, and Costs of
Medical CarePlease read the instructions both here and in the attached files carefully.

General Term Paper Guidelines
2400 to 3000 words.
Include a cover sheet, Table of Contents, Abstract and References but they are not part of the word count.
APA Style.
I want a Table of Contents – Create a table of contents as the second page. Use Word’s Table of Content feature.
Site references in the body of the paper. If it is not your original idea, give credit to the idea’s author. Use APA style.
References/Bibliography. 10-15 (Articles)references minimum , APA Style.
This is a professional research paper. Not just any paper. Make it a work of art and beauty. Add footnotes, tables, figures, etc.
An abstract of one paragraph 150-250 words should be included in the beginning of the paper.
the pdf file article I uploaded should be taken into consideration while writing the paper.
the article represents a significant area of study within the MIS field. determine how you want to approach your topic. Are you going to define the area and discuss how it is currently being applied in industry? Is it a new and emerging area, if so what are your thoughts on its future development and use.