Implement Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Written Assessment

Implement Marketing Strategies & Tactics Scenario
You are the Marketing Manager in charge of the “Fijian Escapes” promotional campaign created by your company – Travelscene. The company is

doing a tie-up with a lot of other companies, which can be identified in the advertisement above. This marketing plan aims to target families &

encouraging them to take an “All inclusive” vacation on very affordable rates to Fiji. The company is about to release this advertisement in

the leading newspapers across Australia. You are given the task to plan & implement this marketing strategy across Australia & Fiji. You can

make certain reasonable assumptions if you want, however discuss them with your trainer / assessor, first.

Task 1: Dealing with stakeholders

These stakeholders could be Internal as well as External, marketing or non marketing

You have to identify & list all the concerned stakeholders involved in this plan. (You

may imagine a few. However, hints regarding who these stakeholders could be can be derived from the ad copy above).

Also mention the way in which each of the stakeholders in this marketing plan isaffected if the plan goes well or badly.

Assign roles & responsibilities to these stakeholders.

Assessment 1

Task 2: Create teams

You need to describe the following things about the teams working under you:

 How many types of teams will you make eg – functional, geographical etc. (refer

to notes under “Staffing”).

Describe the structure of these teams & their reporting relationships.

Describe the method of communication & the frequency of communication with
each of these teams.

Task 3: Risk management strategy

What are the various risks that could be involved in implementing of this plan? Plan a complete Risk Management strategy. You may use the

template below for
this task.

Probability of Impact on the Risk Treatment
Name of Risk occurrence marketing plan / Management
(H/M/L) (H/M/L) plan

H = High, M = Medium, L = Low

Task 4: Marketing Mix

Identify the complete marketing Mix in the strategy shown in the ad copy above.