Importance of Small Businesses to the U.S. Economy


APA 9 Pages double spaced research paper in 12 pt Times New Roman font about the Important role that small businesses play in the U.S. economy.
1. Introduction1.1 Overall value of small business to the U.S. economy1.2 Measurable benefits of small business. 2. Review of existing literature2.1 Job Creation 2.1.1 Small businesses create more new jobs than larger firms2.2 Innovation 2.2.1Patent-seeking small companies earn 13 to 14 more patents per employee than larger firms. 2.3 Payroll Significance 2.3.1 Small businesses pay out 44 percent of the U.S. payroll annually to their employees2.4 Exporting Importance 2.4.1 Small businesses are important due to their role in exporting to other nations.3. Impact on business3.1 Small and micro-businesses help to make the US more competitive and attractive to investors. 4. Going forward4.1 Small business financing 4.2 Small business barriers to entry 5. Management options to address likely trends going forward5.1 Developing a Small Business Framework5.1.1 Developed models for examining small businesses5.2 Adapting to changing business environment5.2.2 Avoiding future obstacles6. Conclusion