Improving Health Care

Journal Entry #3 Queen/King for a Day:

If you could be “queen or king for a day” and change one thing at work place, based on what you learned in the class, what would you change and why? What outcome would change based on what you incorporated as new and different? Why can this not be changed now? And finally what resources would you need to change this?

Let’s make certain that this post encompasses some of the many new skills you have learned regarding quality and patient safety. Remember you are the queen or king and have the wand to go forward and swish!

Please use at least a few of the topics covered in the course, which include: patient safety and quality, mobile health, role of informatics in safety and standardized languages, human technology interface and workflow processes, leadership and cultures affecting quality and safety, consumer engagement, creating a just culture, measurement, evidence-based practice and research, and improving public education and health literacy.