In Depth Analysis of Horizontal


Drilling in Old Conventional Pools
I need to address following points as these are absolutely important for my technical report:
1. I have written a similar technical report and I can use it if I can add and edit more stuff.
2. The technical report should contain all the topics and subtopics as mentioned on outline.
3. I would really appreciate if you add only those suggested regions on my case study section on my outline otherwise I have to get a new approval from my supervisor.
4. I need all the original articles which you have used as references and materials for the report.
5. My supervisor who will mark this technical report has software that can detect any plagiarise paragraph or even a sentence so please do not copy any article directly.
6. I need to add some pictures/diagrams/charts/tables if available.
7. I need an abstract and table of content in the report.