Digital Media Project

In previous units, you explored the Internet for digital media tools. In this unit, you will create a draft version of your digital media project that highlights one aspect of your tutorial. You can highlight part of the process described in your Unit 6 and 7 Discussion Assignments, or you can choose another aspect, such as an important warning, required materials for the process, or key words. Determine what topic will most benefit your audience and then which digital media tool can help you accomplish that goal. This digital media project that you create will be submitted as a project and posted here in the Learning Space. Complete the following actions in your post: • Link to your digital media project (if it is stored on the Internet) or attach the digital media project file to your post • Indicate the name of the digital media tool you used to create the project • Explain why you chose to highlight a particular part of your tutorial through digital media • Justify your decisions relating to the digital media tool used and theorize how your audience might respond to the digital media project