In the Stern there is a Leaning Body

“In the Stern there is a Leaning Body_x000D_
“”En la popa hay un cuerpo reclinado””_x000D_
by Rene Marques_x000D_
Rene Marques is a famous Puerto Rican author. His work In the Stern there is a Leaning Body, deals with many issues including the role of woman in society and their effect on men. This story examines masculinity, specifically through the eyes of one man._x000D_
The story is told by both a narrator and the protagonist. The narrator describes what is going on at the present moment and the protagonist relays his thoughts and memories to the reader. These thoughts are interspersed throughout the story, making the work difficult to read and confusing at times.  _x000D_
What can be even more confusing for the reader is the absence of names in the story. There are only three main characters and they are the protagonist, his wife, and their son. The story begins in the stern of a boat. There is a body leaning against the stern of the boat and it is not moving. The protagonist is rowing the boat. _x000D_
Immediately, through the thoughts of the protagonist, we begin to learn about his life. We learn that he had a very controlling mother who forced him to become a teacher instead of a writer, which was his life-long desire. And although the protagonist prefers dark-skinned women, his mother tells him that he may only date white women._x000D_
Once the protagonist receives his teachers diploma, his mother dies and he goes on to marry a white woman that was a favorite of his mothers. He believes that his life will now have meaning, but he soon discovers the contrary. His wife is very demanding and also controls him. She is always complaining and asking for things. She seems to be obsessed with material possessions as she demands that the protagonist buy her a dress, a television, and new curtains for their balcony. _x000D_
The couple have a son but the son is born sick. The mother uses the son to relate to the protagonist that he is not a good husband and that h… “