individual actions affect the lives of others

what is your opinion of the idea that individual actions affect the lives of others ?

first you have to read about the story ” from Making A DIFFERENCE, A SATRFISH AT A TIME” and second choose one of any from this

short story “ Robert Latimer case”
“Treading Water”
“Prerequisites for Sleep
find it from google these story
the third one about a personal exprience
then conclution
all those topics you gonna to be write has to related to the thesis
so it goes like this for introduction :- Motiveter or Hook, thesis which i gave you on the topic ” individual actions affect the

lives of others” and add up some ideas on it and then three general ideas about those topics blueprints.
first paragrpah about ” From Making A difference ,A SATRFISH AT A TIME” second paragrph about ant short story from that i mention

from the above and then third paragrph about personal response and final conclution. all of it should be 5 paragprh please. i am

sending you all the instructuons. how it should be done read all the samples please thank you please follw the instruction for more