Attend a team meeting as an observer only, not as a participant, and then write a paper answering the following question:
Includes comprehensive information about the observation; covers all required topics fully and provides additional information
Applies concepts from the text and research to the group dynamic analysis, and incorporates a personal / professional observation and experience to the analysis
Includes solid performance suggestions for improving team communications based on professional experience and academic theory
Assignment meets required length and includes more than the required number of appropriate peer-reviewed references
1. What type of meeting did you attend?
I attended an IT Customer Center meeting. The conference call started promptly at 10:00 AM. The manager goes over the daily monitoring report metric, such as ticket activity and the agents call handling performance.
2. How many people participated? What were their individual positions and meeting roles? Fifteen agents and one moderator which participated in the conference call. There was a balance of participation in the meeting.
• Did team communication take place? The manager addresses each individual agents who have open high risk, medium risk and low-risk tickets. He re-emphasizes the need for the agents to continue to improve on their outstanding tickets and abandoning calls.
• Did anyone dominate the conversation? Why or why not? No one particularly dominates the conversation. In fact, there was full open conversation participation from each agent. Each agent provides ticket status updated.
• What communications patterns were established?
• What are the implications of these communications patterns?
• How does this behavior align with your expectations?
• What, if anything, should be done to improve team communications?
The paper should be in APA format. Use at least two peer-reviewed sources to substantiate your suggestions.