Information on Armadillidum vu

“Armadillidum vulgare or commonly know as pill bugs or roly-polys are dark gray,  inch long humpbacked, oval isopod crustaceans.  They look like they are covered in a segmented armor.  Pill bugs are often misstated for sow bugs.  They can be distinguished from sow bugs because pill bugs are able to roll themselves up into a ball when alarmed, and they lack the two prominent tail-like appendages (
Roly polys are found in damp, humid, and cool conditions.  They are easily found in the seasons of autumn and spring.  They are easily found around home in compost sites, or under shelter such as rocks, bark n and boards left in shady, moist conditions.  Also they might be found fairly deep in damp soil litter under the cover of trees or bushes.  Hot summer temperatures cause roly-polys to dig deeper into their shelter, so they are harder to locate.  Also the cold winter temperatures cause them to def deeper into shelter (
Lots of the behavioral responses of roly-polys are mostly with conservation of water and the need to avoid desiccation.  Lots of roly-polys are terrestrial, but most other crustacea are aquatic.  This means they dont have some of the in different terrestrial arthropods, like insects and spiders.  Roly polys are more likely to loose water by diffusion faster than many other species, because they have a pretty high surface area to volume ratio.  Water will diffuse through there exoskeleton faster than in other arthropods, because they lack a waxy, waterproof cuticle (
Roly polys have pore openings to the outside of their bodies to allow gases to go in and out of their pseudo-lungs.  This pore opening cannot be closed, so water is able to continuously diffuse from the inner surface of the psuedo-lung out of the body.  The water lost has to be replaced, to do… “