information planning

Part A: Preparing a Screencast
The idea of associating the Internet with commerce is quite frequent, and it is a worldwide phenomenon. When it comes to the government, the United States constitutes one of the pioneers as far as the amount of services available to the citizens through Internet. As other countries are catching up, they are devising significant solutions that are not necessarily available in the United States.
Using Jing (, a tool for preparing screencasts, prepare a 5-minute clip to cover the following tasks:
?Utilizing tools such as Google Scholar and Scirus identify published material that describes advancements in the projection of local and national foreign governments on the Internet of three different countries;
?Briefly describe each government’s initiative;
?Describe if the same services can be found in the United States;
?If the same services are not offered, describe the feasibility of porting them to the United States government system.
Your clip should include a visual recording of your screen and your voice commenting on your screens. Once your clip is ready, add the link to your clip into this assignment?s report. Use the subtitle: Part A: Preparing a Screencast.
Part B: Final Project — IT Information Planning (Part III)
Last week, you analyzed the organizational structure of Apple and Starbucks business and developed a business use case diagram for the customers using their services.
This week, you’ll analyze the IT infrastructure of Apple and Starbucks, and develop an information flow to use existing networks for connectivity.
Research about the partnership between Apple and Starbucks on the Internet. Based on the information you obtain, propose an IT infrastructure plan for this system. Outline the information flow using a diagram from a customer entering a Starbucks location, deciding on a song, and completing the purchase process. Identify the type of technology used at each part of the exchange and the owner of that technology. Analyze the diagram and prepare a 5- to 6-page paper that answers each of the following questions:
?What technologies allow partnership to occur?
?Who is responsible for the support of the components of the infrastructure?
?Identify the possible points of failure in the exchange and identify the consequences of each.
?What is the consequence of failure? What are the long-term effects of failure? Justify your answer.
Create the report paper in a Microsoft Word document to include your response to Parts A and B.
Cite any sources you use using correct APA format on a separate page.
Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Created a Jing clip that highlights the requirements listed in the context of the assignment.
Outlined the diagram of information flow from a customer to the back-end database of Apple which contains the song for download, including the service from Starbucks storing the last 10 songs played.
Associated each piece of technology with the respective partner responsible for its maintenance.
Constructed a probable infrastructure for this partnership utilizing existing services (such as the service provider for Starbucks which already exists).
Listed the possible points of failure for the system and the party responsible for the maintenance of each.
Accurately described the possible consequences of system failure and justified the description of consequences.
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using correct APA style.