Interior Design- Lighting

This is not really an essay, this is more of like a project that we have to compare and contrast about the lighting. Below is the instructions of what you have to do. the prompt ask you to pick 2 stores in the mall and talk about their lighting. You don’t really have to go to the mall I guess you can just make it up from your experience. There’s one store I want you to write about that is “Apple Store” I think they have a good lighting in there. Then you can pick another store. The files attached below are just study slides that have the term you will need to use in the writing. Please let me know if you have any question about the assignment.
Project I
 In your group, go to a mall
 Observe the lighting designs for several stores and/or the mall itself
 Analyze these designs – discuss these designs
 Write your own critiques for each store/mall; compare the
different stores
 Critique the designs (below are some questions you may want to answer)
What works/what doesn’t?
 Does the lighting invite you to go in?
 How is the store lit?
 Color of light?
 Point of Sale
 Merchandise in front of store/back of store  Are proper ratios used?