Interning at a congressional office

Interning at a congressional office
This research paper will build upon the experiences that you had interning at Congressman Chris Collins- NY 27’s congressional office this

semester. This research paper should attempt to contribute to the literature that we
have read by offering an alternative theoretical or empirical take and CONNECT THE INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCES TO THE LITERATURE. There is *a

lot* of data available on all
aspects of American CONGRESS, so there will be opportunities to offer an empirical test of the
hypotheses that you develop. Provided that data suitable to the task of writing a full research paper on
your chosen topic do not exist, *you may also take your critique of a particular literature*- (IMPORTANT) and turn it into a
plan (a research design) that will improve upon the shortcomings that you noted or expand the
literature in a different direction. Assume that you will have all the money in the world to execute your
research design, so come up with an experiment, an original survey, or some other method of data
collection that will allow you to examine a question of your choosing.

The two books that should be used are
1) Congress- The Electoral Connection by David Mayhew (Second edition)
2) Home Style House members in their districts – Richard F Fenno Jr

The link of the first book( electoral connection) is provided-

The pages that are not in the link have been sent to the email alongside with the pages of home-style members book. These 2 literature are

the main ones that should be used in this paper and also YOU can use a limited amount of outside resources that connect to these 2 pieces

of literature

MY experiences of the internship are mentioned below
• Working on Elected official spread sheets
• Working on putting new voter information into IQ and Excel documents
• Working on region letters (NY state 27th district)
• Answering phone calls
• Participating in congressional events (eg- Congressman Collins fundraiser for re election campaign 2018 where vp mike pence was also