Introduction to Legal Studies

Analyze the scenario in section A and the two from section B, according to our requirements that we discussed in the class but I

will submit our examples and lecture to have a clear idea no references needs in this work just from the files that I will submit.

This work worth %60 of the final grade.

Section A
Fred needs money to pay back a gambling loan. So, he takes $ 1000 from his employer’s safety box without his knowledge. Fred bets $

1000 in college basketball and wins. Before his employer notices, Fred returns $ 1000. (a) Analyze if Fred committed the crime of

theft. Assume that theft is defined as follows: “everyone commits theft who takes anything with intent to deprive the owner of

his/her property permanently”. (b) Analyze if Fred committed a tort. If so, what type?
Section B
2- Compare sexual harassment laws in Canada and Europe. Illustrate this with examples from class.
3-Find a news article dealing with copyright infringement and analyze it. Make connections to class examples and discussions.