Introduction to Negotiation

Is Negotiating a Panacea?
We have seen that negotiating is just one of the options, open to us when confronted with conflict. Every conflict is different. Change the place, and/or change the people, and/or change the settings, and you may come with different approaches.
The authors of the following articles, come from different backgrounds, and address conflict resolution in very different fields or applications:
The Case Assignment
After carefully reading through the articles, to be accessed via ProQuest, please answer (in about three pages), the following question:
What are the aggregate major points (as presented by the authors) that have made BILATERAL negotiation methods and/or approaches, the preferred method of choice, for conflict resolution or business transactions in general?
Assignment Expectations
Please do not summarize the articles.
The articles are just examples. Generalize from them to other fields/settings.
The key word is ‘generalize’. Focus on it.