ISIS: The Growing Threat and Emerging Global Response

Midterm Exam Questions for HIST 3381/NSEC 4451/NSPS 6671/PSCI4494/GLBS 4450

According to the authors of the book, ISIS: The State of Terror, the U.S. should pursue a carefully calibrated response to ISIS. Nevertheless, some in the U.S. and other countries argue that the Obama strategy for dealing with ISIS is too timid and not focused on destroying the organization and the threat it poses as fast as possible. Others argue that a plan based on removing ISIS without creating a vacuum in Syria is the right strategy.
Question (2 parts):
All Students: Please commenton whether those favoring a quick overwhelming strike against ISIS is the best approach to the growing dangers posed by ISIS or whether a deliberate approach to destroying ISIS in steps is the best strategy. Also comment of whatadditional steps you believe the international community should take to defeat ISIS in order to make Syria and Iraq stable and unified countries free from foreign interference and control.

For Graduate Students: Please comment on what the book, Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate, describes as ISIS domination of social media to spread its message to vulnerable populations and how that domination represents a threat to countries in the Middle East, Europe and beyond.