Jacob Lawrence GEE’s bend

The assignment is associated with the Artwork Analysis writing assignments. This project will require you to visit a museum or gallery, pick out one work, and respond to its formal, contextual, and conceptual characteristics. The minimum word for this paper is 1200 words. This paper should include some information about the physical characteristics of the work that can only be observed first-hand. Make sure that the paper has a cover page, uses citations of source material, and has an associated bibliography (all in the same document).
**Form – These evaluations will be descriptive and use terminology related to the elements of art and the principles of design. This type of evaluation should be objective, but does not require any citation or bibliography because it is done from careful observation of the image alone. It does require a knowledge of the visual fundamentals of art.
**Context – These evaluations will be researched and be factual information related to the background of the work. It may consist of artist biographical information, information about the medium used, associations that the title of the work implies, conditions that existed during the time period, associated information about the style or movement with which the work might be associated, or other facts about the work. This evaluation requires citations to note the source of specific information and a bibliography to support the citations.
**Content – These evaluations are subjective and interpretive. These interpretations may be derived from associations based on observation of the form of the work, the context surrounding the work, the associated experiences that you bring when reacting to the work, or the impression others have written about the work (needs citation/bibliography). Since this evaluation is subjective much of it can be based on your own personal impressions and interpretations. No citation or bibliography is necessary unless an outside source is used.
**The paper must have the following characteristics:
ــــan evaluation of the formal characteristics of the work
ــــan evaluation of the contextual characteristics of the work
ــــan evaluation of the conceptual characteristics or content of the work
ــــhave appropriate citations to denote any information taken directly from other sources
ــــhave a bibliography that directs a reader to the sources of the citations and other source material
ــــThe paper MUST evaluate the physical characteristics of the work that can only be seen when viewing the work in person. Please describe the environment where the work is displayed. Even painted and drawn surfaces have a texture that can be described.
there are important uploaded files:
1) sample paper, which is to help the writer how to write this assignment and to show the writer the structure of this paper.
2) More information file, is just information about the elements and principles of art and some techniques.
3) three pictures : two are the art work, but one from the museum and one from the intent . The other one is the picture of label of the artwork because it has some valuable information.

Jacob_Lawrence_GEE_s_bend.jpg lable_of_the_artwork.png More_inforamtion.docx Order_Instructions.docx picture_from_the_museum.jpg Sample_paper.docx