Jewish Religion

use only the Old Testament in the bible as the source and have a work cited or bibliography section at the end of the research paper
Papers should be approximately 4-5 pages, but not exceed 5 pages. Make sure that you use draw on biblical verses and passages to support your thesis.

Abraham and Moses play important roles in the Jewish tradition. Discuss the presentation of one of them in TaNaKh. Be sure to limit the scope of your paper to a specific point or set of observations that support a well-developed argument. Do not just profile Abraham or Moses, as if writing a biography. Present your subject as the personification of a specific ideal, ethic, or principle (e.g., justice, piety, righteousness). What are some of the themes throughout the personal odyssey of your subject?

Please note: A good paper will have a clear thesis and will use biblical material in support of that thesis. Do not merely summarize biblical material but affirmatively analyze that material and demonstrate how it furthers your argument.